Prayers to the Hidden Gods

by Sunnyvale Garden Society

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Contemplate the true nature of the divine and your place in the multiverse, all the whilst shakin' yer butt. Meditation fodder/ear candy for the informed sophisticate.

This is what the hummingbirds hum.

This is why the pig slops, why the cat purrs, why the sweet summer winds move the clouds so smoothly 'cross the velvety night sky.

Your grandmother would have played this at her wedding, except she obviously married the wrong man. Hey, she was young.

Perfect for drinking that koolaid. Two legs bad, six legs good.

NOTE: Bonus points for listening naked & simultaneously watching Rick & Morty.


released July 11, 2017

Dedicated to Larry, Kent, Myra, and Lonnie. We miss you.

Cover art by pixel goddess Cheryl Guthrie.

Recorded 2014, 2017 @ Sunnyvale Studios Columbia Missouri.

Richard Dean Cravens - synths
Dru Mbrute - beats
Mama32 - bad attitude/noise
Xils L'Bratei - emulations
Macy L'Kittei - spiritual guidance
Muad'dib - spice

Instruments by Moog, Korg, Arturia, Novation.

Software & controllers by Apple, Ableton, Audio Damage, East/West, Eventide, Izotope and the amazing Xils-Labs.

A/D by Focusrite.

Monitors by B&W/M&K with vintage Mitsubishi amplification.

Voltage provided by Boone County Electric.

No filthy guitars debased this recording (next album, Sam).



all rights reserved


Sunnyvale Garden Society Columbia, Missouri

Ambient electronica and neo-psychedelia, transhumanist soundtracks for the seekers of the eternal and transcendent.

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